Garden Center

Outside of the store we have 2 big greenhouses loaded with home grown flowers and plants.  There’s way to many plants to list all of them, but here we list the most popular. Give us a call if you don’t see what you like, its possible we have it or that we can get it.

Click here for a visual list


Gazinia Marigolds Begonias
Mountain Pinks Hibiscus Dianthus
Dusty Miller Heather Petunia
Sunpatient Nemetia Lantana
Bacopa Silver Licorice Verbena
Sanvitalia Lobelia Salvia
Coleus Portulaca Osteoperonum
Bidens Heliotrope Ivy Geranium
Straw Flower Dahlia Calibrachoa
Spikes Vinca Vine Trailing Spinach
Angelonia Trailing Angelonia Shanielle
Creeping Jenny Sweet Potato Vine Brachycome
Alysum Geranium Citranellum
Trailing Vinca Impatients Bouganvilia
Boston Ferns Gerber Daisy Cardinal Climber
Moon Flower Morning Glory Snap Dragon
Vinca Flower Mandevilla Hiemalis Begonia
Million Bells


Bugleweed Hen & Chicks Daylilly
Fountain Grass Tickseed Red Hot Poker
Cheddar Pink Balloon Flower Lithodora
Penstamon Hardy Geranium Gaura
Passion Flower Fescue Variegated Japanese Sedge
Black Eyed Susan Shasta Daisy Poppy
Meadow Sage Blanket Flowers Achiella
Bee Balm Candytuff Major Wheeler
Coneflower Dead Nettle Creme Brulee
Lupine Swamp Sun Flower Spiderwort
Cardinal Flower Lambs Ears Royal Candles
Hostas Perrywinkle Pachasandra
English Ivy Ice Plant


Honey Melon Sage Mojito Mint Catnip
Peppermint Apple Mint Ginger Mint
Banana Mint Grapefruit Mint Strawberry Mint
Lavender Pineapple Sage French Tarragon
Rosemary Lemon Grass Oregano
Salantro Parsley English Thyme
Chives Dill


Basil Zucchini Eggplant
Sweet Corn Cantaloupe Cucumber
Bush Pickle Bean Watermelon



Husky Red Better Boy San Marzano
Sungold Tiny Tim Rutgers
Rutgers F1 Hybrid Ramapo Park’s Beefy Boy
Beefsteak Goliath Caspian Pink
Beefsteak Hybrid Cherokee Purple Sunsugar
Mr. Stripey Carolina Gold Big Boy
Grape Roma Brandywine
Park’s Whopper Lemon Boy Fantastico
Braveheart Country Taste Roma Plum
Sweet Cherry Sweet 100 Cherry Red Cherry Large